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I've played the guitar, mandolin and ukulele - all badly - for longer than I would like to admit to. A career in music was all I ever wanted really, but a longstanding interest in woodworking made me realise that I might actually be better at making instruments than playing them, so off I went to the Totnes School of Guitarmaking to see if it was possible. That turned out pretty well, so I carried on. 


Lap steels became a major interest once I found I could play them just as badly as all the others... And who could resist the urge to make ukuleles?  Yes, if you need to equip your Hawaiian string trio, I'm your man...

...but even if you don't, I'd still like to make you an instrument - all handcrafted in a small workshop in South Wales. There's a range of models in development - electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, lap steels and ukuleles - but the business, like this website, is a work in progress so I'm happy to discuss your ideas as well as my own.

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