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Mandolin Family


Recently completed (July 2019) is this oval hole mandolin based on a Kay Venetian body shape. With an arched spruce top (induced by x-bracing, rather than carving) and maple back & sides, it has a voice which sits somewhere between the typical American and European styles - loud and bright, but with plenty of bottom end and sustain - it's not your typical bluegrass instrument, but would sound just fine playing folk tunes, old-time country or jazz. This is about as fancy as I get decoration-wise, with gold hardware (including Jescar EVO gold frets), crow's-foot purfling around the top, curly maple binding, and cocobolo fingerboard, head plate and finger-rest. It also has a JJB soundboard transducer fitted (with volume knob mounted in a recess underneath the finger-rest). Similar instruments are available to order - please enquire for options and prices:


Venetian  Mandolin
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