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Electric Guitars

solid body electric

Where the electric guitar is concerned, I'm more interested in the byways than the highways of its history; there are excellent makers who can build you a beautiful version of one of the big two's classic models, and if they are what you love, that's great - I love them too, but they're not what I want to make...

At the moment I have just one standard electric model - a small bodied single cutaway with a definite mid-century aesthetic, and influences from both sides of the Atlantic (plus a little bit from the Pacific Rim, too...); in its basic form it has one pickup (neck, middle or bridge - you choose), neck through body construction, and a floating bridge/metal tailpiece. Pictures should be forthcoming before too long, but for now here are the specs and some of the current available options:

Neck woods - African mahogany (khaya),English sycamore;

Body woods - khaya, sapele, European lime (like basswood, but usually a little denser), yellow pine;

Bridge & fingerboard - Indian rosewood (while it lasts...), ovangkol or Rocklite Ebano (a sustainable ebony substitute);

Pickup - Victory Lowrider gold foil, Mojo Foil Sonic or Baytone CR1;

635mm(25") scale, 2 way truss rod, zero fret, Grover Sta-tite tuners (Gotoh 510s or Hipshot Grip-Locks are available options), Tru-oil or milk paint finish.

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